Enabling support of EUS and Fusion Apps in OUD

Since the 11gR2 release, OUD supports Enterprise User Security (EUS) for database authentication and also Fusion Apps. I’ll plan to blog on that soon. Meanwhile, the R2 OUD graphical setup does not let you configure both EUS and FusionApps support at the same time.


However, it can be done manually using the dsconfig command line. The simplest way to proceed is to select EUS from the setup tool, then manually add support for Fusion Apps using dsconfig using the commands below:

– create a FA workflow element with eusWfe as next element:
dsconfig create-workflow-element \
–set enabled:true \
–set next-workflow-element:Eus0 \
–type fa \
–element-name faWfe

– modify the workflow so that it starts from your FA workflow element instead of Eus:
dsconfig set-workflow-prop \
–workflow-name userRoot0 \
–set workflow-element:faWfe

Note: the configuration changes may slightly differ in case multiple databases/suffixes are configured on OUD.


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