New OUD Source Code plugin examples

I’ve just published a couple of OUD plugin examples to help customers develop their own extensions.

The ZIP package includes 2 plugin examples to demonstrate the richness of OUD plugin API. The FilterDistributor can be used to route bind request to 2 different workflow elements based on a condition present on the user entry about to be used for authentication. The PasswordSchemeUpgrade  can be used to migrate passwords from one storage/encryption scheme to another.

Plugins examples are available at

OUD Plugin API reference is available at

OUD Plugin Developer Guide is available at


5 thoughts on “New OUD Source Code plugin examples

  1. Dave Willis

    In building these examples, have you ever run into a situation where doing a modify from the plugin caused OUD to freeze? I have a plugin that I’ve been working on that keeps track of each user’s last successful bind (something the customer wants). I used your passwordschemeupgrade plugin as a model – it’s almost identical to what we want (on a successful bind, update an attribute in OUD). The bind works without any problem, the search then loads the user entry, but when we create a modification and try to push it to OUD, the whole server locks up for approximately one hour, and then resumes operation telling us that the modification failed (but nothing in the error log telling us why). I’ve been going back and forth with Oracle support about this one, and no one seems to know why this is happening. I’m hoping you might be able to shed some light on it? Thanks.


  2. Abhijit

    Hi Sylvain,

    We are planning to migrate Novell -edirectory to OUD but seems Oracle do not have in built option to sync password considering DIP will be used for sync between source(novell) and target(OUD). can we use some kind of plug-in to do this sync or what would you suggest would be best approach? Thanks.


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