OUD R2PS2 Bundle Patch available

The first bundle patch for OUD 11gR2PS2 ( is available for download from My Oracle Support.

Search for the support note 1905631.1 (Doc ID 1905631.1 : Information And Bug Listing of Oracle Unified Directory Bundle Patches: (11gR2PS2))  that describes its content and download instructions (patch 18662903)


How to Subscribe My Oracle Support(MOS)’s “Hot Topics” via E-Mail for OUD and DSEE topics. (Doc ID 1391461.1)

Users can add a subscription which will email a digest of newly published KM articles, service request updates and bugs to particular categories or products. Subscriptions are unique to users’ selected Knowledge User Template, which is set in users’ profile.

To subscribe to the Hot Topics, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to My Oracle Support(MOS)
  2. Select “Settings” under tab “More…” located on top middle side.
  3. Select “Hot Topics E-Mail” from ‘Settings’ menu available on left side.
  4. You will be presented with new screen(see below image).  Make appropriate selections regarding frequency, format, and other item as per your preference. Be sure to tick the “On” button for “Turn Hot Topics E-mail”.
  5. Click “Add” button under “Include Specific Products” section.
  6. A new pop-up comes up.  Enter “Oracle Directory” in “Product” pull-down menu and select “Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition”.
  7. Tick the boxes for the types of notifications you’d like to receive. (Knowledge Articles, Alerts, Bugs, select Bug levels- for example, All Bugs, etc.)
  8. Click button “OK” if you are done or “Apply” button if you want to add another product.
  9. Enter “Oracle Unified” in “Product” pull-down menu and select “Oracle Unified Directory”, tick interested ‘Include’ list and click button “OK”.
  10. Click button “Save” once done.  Note that these settings can be updated at any time by following above steps.