Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2PS3 Very Large Static Groups

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Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and eusm issues: AuthenticationException

Very useful for 12c users…

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Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is a web-based interface that allows to administer Enterprise User Security. When connecting to  OUD server, the interface may complain about an invalid password even though the credentials are correct.

The same problem happens with eusm 12c (the command-line tool delivered with Oracle Database):

$ eusm listDomains realm_dn=dc=example,dc=com ldap_host=$ldap_host ldap_port=1389 ldap_user_dn="cn=directory manager" ldap_user_password=****
javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 - Invalid Credentials]

If OUD access log shows the following error:

The server was not able to find any user entries for the provided username of cn=directory manager

then the fix is provided in Oracle Identity Management Suite Bundle Patch (22085294), or Oracle Identity Management Suite Bundle Patch (22085274)  depending on your OUD version.

The connection method between Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and OUD (or eusm 12c and OUD) is using SASL/DIGEST-MD5 authentication instead of a simple BIND. SASL/DIGEST-MD5 requires the password to be stored in…

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OUD as a OAM Identity Store

Since 11gR2, OUD can be used natively as a OAM Identity Store. Select  “OUD: Oracle Unified Directory” as Store Type as described here.

As an alternate solution, you can also configure OVD as Identity Store with OAM and then configure LDAP adapter for OVD with OUD details.Configuring Identity store for OAM is documented here. Choose “OVD: Oracle Virtual Directory” as store type and provide store details as per the document. Configuring LDAP adapter for OVD is documented here. Provide your OUD details required as per the document.

New convenient Information Center about OUD in My Oracle Support

A new “Information Center” dedicated to Oracle Unified Directory is available from the Oracle Support Site. This page provides you with all the useful links and news related to the product, including technical articles, docs, licensing info and the latest patches available.

To access it, log into MOS (My Oracle Support) at,  search for 1418884.2 doc id in the search field on the front page, then click on the “Information Center : Overview Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)” link.


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